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The Inspired Model©

The Inspired Model©  focuses on therapeutic relational caregiving and consultancy. It is founded upon principles of relational neurobiology, child and adolescent development, positive behaviour support and strengths-based psychology, as well as systems-based cognitive behaviour therapy.

The Inspired Model© can be applied to both individuals and systems (e.g. families, education, out of home care). As such, the model informs both the provision of direct therapeutic intervention with children and young people, and  the provision of a relational therapeutic structure in supporting others involved in their care (e.g. staff, leadership team, mentors, teachers).  At the systems level (e.g. families; care teams), the model provides a support structure to enable adults to competently therapeutically care for children and young people.

The broader Inspired Model© can be flexibly adapted to address a range of presenting therapeutic issues, with specific knowledge or emphasis on the needs of the client and/or organisation.

The framework focuses on authenticity and the adaptation and development of skills and relational strengths already available to the individual or team. As such, it works well with existing approaches (e.g. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention).

The Inspired Model© has been utilised across residential care settings in the provision of therapeutic relational consulting, in our group program SociAble Kids/Teens which emphasises implicit/experiential and explicit relational/social learning, and with families in family-based therapy and parenting support.

It has been used in systems-based intervention across a range of presenting issues including complex trauma, attachment concerns, disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, mood disorders, ADHD as well as a range of other social-emotional and behavioural issues in children and adolescents.

Example of Targeted Care: The Inspired Model© – Trauma Focus 

The function of the Inspired Model© – Trauma Focus is to support care teams/caregivers to better meet young people’s emotional-relational developmental needs, thus developing young people’s capacities to realise their potential.

The aim of the Inspired Model© – Trauma Focus is to increase responsively of caregivers and foster an informed, proactive focus on the long-term growth and development of a young person, rather than reaction and risk management.

The graphic shows an example application of the Inspired Model© – Trauma Focus within a residential care setting.

Further Information

We are pleased to provide further information about the Inspired Model© and its application on request.  We welcome opportunities to partner with interested agencies in the implementation and delivery of our model.

Please contact our Director, Tracey Jane, on 8272 6998 or for more information.