We are committed to supporting our clients and community during the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognise that psychological support is needed now more than ever and are offering flexible support via telehealth (phone and video link) in addition to face-to-face services.

We have two clinic locations:

  • 28 Unley Road, Unley
  • Suite 3, 176 Main South Road, Morphett Vale 

You do not need a referral to come and see us, however, many of our clients are referred by their doctor or other health care practitioner.

If you would like to make an appointment you can contact us via:

Phone: (08) 8272 6998


Fax:  818 01824

What to expect

If you are coming to see us for an assessment, we will talk to you about what the session/s  will involve prior to meeting with you.

If you coming to see us for therapy, the first session is typically directed at getting to know you, the reasons you are seeking assistance and what you would like to achieve through therapy.

Subsequent sessions will vary depending on the individual and may include counselling, skills teaching (e.g. mindfulness, problem solving), or specific exercises such as relaxation, breathing and thinking strategies.

An important part of therapy is implementing changes discussed into your daily life. We will usually talk about ways you can do this and may also allocate specific tasks to be done between sessions.

Therapy sessions last for approximately 50 minutes. We aim to start each session on time and ask that you be punctual.


Information provided to psychologists is confidential which means we will not disclose your information or even the fact that you have sought psychological assistance without your permission.

There are some exceptions to our ability to keep information confidential. We must provide your referring doctor with information about our sessions with you if we are seeing you under the Medicare system. As well, we must disclose minimal information related to safety if we are concerned about risk. Specifically, that you or another person is at risk of harm. We are also bound by law to report suspected child abuse, neglect and unregistered firearms.