SociAble Kids and Teens- Group Therapy Programs

Calm Tree: SociAble Teens August 2018

Growing Calm, Capable and Confident Young People

Programs foster social and emotional regulation skills development for children and adolescents.

** Dates have been released for upcoming program for ages 7-11 . Program starts on Wed October 23rd 2019 and includes four weekly group therapy sessions  from 4:15-6:15 pm and a booster session on Wed November 27th.

There are many reasons why our children and young people may have difficulties managing distress, understanding emotions, relating to others, showing socially appropriate behaviours, making friends or joining groups. They can get quickly discouraged, frustrated or lose confidence when things are challenging which can make it harder to overcome social behaviour hurdles.

For children and adolescents who struggle with emotional regulation, social situations, friendships or managing behaviours such as aggression/withdrawal, group-based learning is an evidence-based and effective therapeutic approach.

Inspired Psychology provides our own independently developed and tailored group therapy programs aimed at increasing social and emotional skills development in children and adolescents. These programs are responsive to the social, emotional and behavioural needs of each participant (considering age, social understanding level, current behavioural issues, emotional literacy and personal interests).

Fantastic collaborative artwork by our March 2017 7-11 age group.

Groups are run by our highly trained psychologists, were developed using evidence-based practices and are FUN, ENGAGING AND ACTIVE.

The group learning setting allows children  and young people to build and share experiences together, develop and practice their social and emotional skills strategies and problem solve together in safe, small groups. Through group teaching, showing and role-playing games, children and young people can improve their social thinking skills and build social and emotional regulation competence (prosocial orientation, social initiative / communication and socio-emotional regulation)

Age and ability groups: We run SociAble Kids for different age groups including 4-7 years, 7-11 years, 11-14 years and 14-17 years.

Groups are tailored to levels of social understanding, behavioural presentation such as aggression or withdrawal/shyness, emotional literacy and interests and independently developed using evidence-based psychological practice

Locations: We run groups in Central Adelaide. We also offer programs at schools and other locations on request.

Referral: No specific diagnosis is required for referral to the groups and referral can be through a GP, educator or self-referral.

What is included? The program includes a clinical evaluation of participant needs prior to the program starting, measures to track progress and outcomes, parent feedback via email, a 1:1 parent coaching session with one of the psychologist facilitators, all resources across the program, a family resource package, all program sessions including the booster session.

What do the sessions cover? 

  • Self-control in social settings
  • Social thinking skills
  • Social initiating, welcoming/inclusion and participating
  • Empathy and appreciating difference
  • Ways of being understood and understanding others
  • Positive communication skills to get along with and relate to others
  • Constructive problem solving skills in managing conflict or other challenging situations
  • Strategies for noticing and managing big emotions and reducing aggression, withdrawal, disengagement/ discouragement, reactive distress
  • Cooperating and compromising skills
  • A range of skills and values to make and keep friends, and participate in friend groups
  • School readiness/transition/ adjustment
  • Appropriate assertiveness and consideration of others
  • Personal resilience and positive, flexible thinking strategies

Duration: Groups are run over a number of sessions equalling 9 hours of group therapy in total across 5-9 sessions. The length of each session varies according to age and the developmental level of the group.  All programs have a  follow up booster session to ensure gains are consolidated and maintained.

Program Dates: As soon as we have minimum numbers in any age group and location we set a program start date. Times and days are negotiated with registered participants.

Fees: Fees to the end of June 2019 are $91.66 per session (9 sessions in total). There are no additional or hidden pocket costs, all other program components such as parent coaching are included in the price. We are NDIS registered for eligible participants.  Rebates via Medicare and private health may also be available. We offer flexible payment options and a low fee option is available for eligible participants. Fees become due once participants are confirmed for a specific program and start date has been set.

Cancellations: We offer a full refund for cancellations received up to 7 days prior to the program starting. All cancellations between 0-7 days will attract a $150 cancellation fee. No refund is available once the group sessions have commenced.

Registration: Registration is via expression of interest. This can be done online or by contacting our practice manager Zoe Briggs.

For more information contact our office on or 8272 6998.