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Relationship Counselling

We know that relationships can be hard work and that sometimes people need some assistance to work through difficulties or to improve the quality of the relationship.

We offer relationship counselling to help couples improve their relationships and negotiate conflicts. This type of therapy involves specific training and experience on behalf of the therapist. Both partners are involved in sessions with the aim of working with the therapist in a safe and supported way to address issues within the relationship.

Some of the key aspects involved in couples counselling include:

  • Identifying difficult or problematic patterns in the relationship
  • Learning effective communication skills to express needs directly and to hear those of your partner.
  • Learning strategies to manage conflict and difficulties in more productive and positive ways
  • Changing patterns or dynamics within the relationship to improve the quality and health of interactions
  • Developing shared goals for the relationship
  • Addressing specific issues that may have arisen in the relationship (e.g., infidelity)

Relationship counselling can also be helpful where couples are separating. In this instance the aim of therapy would be to increase the capacity of the couple to separate amicably and in a way that is respectful and supportive of both partners and any children of the relationship.

Relationship counselling does not attract a Medicare rebate however private health insurance may cover some of the cost. We aim to keep the service affordable and well below the Australian Psychological Societys’ recommended rates.