Inspired Psychology provides a range of psychological assessments.

Psychological assessment can be recommended by a doctor, school, or other professionals. No referral is required.

Assessments aim to provide a clear picture of an individual’s functioning in specific areas. We aim to identify needs, strengths and barriers in the process, and to write clear and detailed reports which offer pragmatic and achievable recommendations.

Assessments services include:

  • Cognitive ability testing (intelligence testing) for ages 6 and upwards
  • Trauma informed educational assessments for ages 6 years and upwards
  • Educational assessments for ages 6 and upwards
  • Psychological, emotional and behavioural well being assessments
  • Adaptive functioning assessments

We provide a range of assessments for specific purposes including:

  • Diagnosis of various conditions (e.g. Learning Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Giftedness etc.)
  • NDIS applications
  • Confirmation of disability/functioning
  • Applications for administration or guardianship orders
  • Identifying support needs
  • Some forensic/medico legal assessments
  • Specific referral questions regarding specific abilities or functioning

What’s involved:

  • An initial session with the psychologist to gather background information and determine the most suitable assessment for the referral (approximately 1 hour). This is sometimes more suitable to be done with a parent/caregiver, or a support worker/social worker.
  • Assessment time between 2-5 hours
  • A written report with clear, detailed and practical recommendations linked to the reason for referral
  • A follow up meeting with important parties to explain and discuss the results of, and recommendations based on, the assessment

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about the assessment process and fees via email or phone enquiry.